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Media Consumption in a Polarized and Politicized Time

The final installment of the Fall Levy Lecture Series welcomed Professor Ava Thompson Greenwell, PhD, of the Medill School of Journalism. On December 12, Greenwell presented her talk, "Media Consumption in a Polarized and Politicized Time: What the Typical Citizen Needs to Know."

Greenwell provided a nuanced perspective of fair and balanced media consumption in a heavily polarized climate.

After the lecture, many audience members requested a copy of the incredibly informative PowerPoint presentation provided by Greenwell.

The Levy Senior Center Foundation board is finalizing details for the upcoming Spring Levy Lecture Series. Look for an email in February; the Spring 2018 series begins on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

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Lecture Description

Today’s consumers have many options for getting their news—choices in format (printed publication, social media, television, radio), political spectrum and journalist expertise. Cellphone cameras are ubiquitous, meaning everything can be documented and shared instantaneously.

Even the tone of the discourse has changed: with more emotionallycharged language and more claims of “fake” news. In this environment, what does an educated consumer need to know to stay abreast of news that matters? How can one recognize “real” news?

Ava Thompson Greenwell will guide us through this fascinating landscape and help us understand the hallmarks of fair and balanced journalism.



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