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LSCF Photo Contest Winners 2021

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the second annual LSCF Photo Contest!  William Bridges, contest judge, had a tough job to do with more than 160 photos to choose from.


Best in show and first prize winners from each category were the recipients of Evanston restaurant gift certificates compliments of Symphony of Evanston.


After much consideration, here are the prize winners in six categories plus a number of honorable mentions.

Best in Show

Wrapped up agst Atlantic Breeze.jpg

Best in Show

Wrapped Up Against the Atlantic Breeze

Candy Heaphy


Happy homecoming!.jpeg

1st Place

Happy Homecoming

Carol Hirsh Blechman



Photographer & his camera, next gen.jpeg

1st Place


and His Camera, the

Next Generation

Christine Bowman

My World

Facing Forward With Hope.jpg

1st Place

Facing Forward
with Hope

 Sharon Zingery

Point of View

Survivor on the Lake by Koula Quirk.jpeg

1st Place

Survivor On the Lake

 Koula Quirk


Covid-19 Commute to Work.jpg

1st Place

Covid-19 Commute to Work

Susan Fields

Honorable Mentions

Waiting for a Ride to Levy Center.jpg

Waiting for a Ride to Levy Center

Melanie Geyer

Symphony sponsor_NFG_JJ.png
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