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The LSCF is proud to sponsor the Levy Longevity Series, a series designed to inform and connect Seniors on the topic of aging well. The program is brought to you by the Levy Senior Center Foundation and the Levy Senior Center. The series is free, but registration is required.

Presentations will be on Zoom. Register and you will receive an email with a link to view the program. Need more help? Watch this video.

The LSCF aims to help older adults live well by providing the latest in health information.

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June 12, 20, 26 and July 2 at 2:00 pm

Shay Springer, Cat., CPNLP, certified end-of-life doula

This 4-part series with certified end-of-life doula Shay Springer aims to guide us toward a peaceful and meaningful end-of-life journey for ourselves and those we love. Sessions build on one another and are meant to be taken as a 4-part series. It will be held in person in the library.


Sorry, all sessions are full!


June 12: Embracing Mortality: Navigating the Depths of End-of-Life Without Fear. In this session, you'll uncover into a deeper understanding of your mortality and the fears that influence your beliefs about dying. Together, we'll explore the complex aspects of death and dying with compassion and insight, aiming to gain a richer comprehension of end-of-life experiences. You'll discover effective communication strategies that empower both you and your family, while also improving your capacity to navigate this sensitive journey with clarity and dignity. Join us to gain invaluable insights and practical skills for offering compassionate support and ensuring personalized end-of-life care.


June 20: Prepare to Transition: Communication & Planning in End-of-Life Care. Uncover the transformative impact of clear communication and proactive planning in the realms of hospice and palliative care. This session provides invaluable insights into navigating these vital yet delicate aspects of end-of-life preparation and transition, including diverse cultural perspectives on dying. Discover how effective communication promotes compassionate care, empowering patients and families to make informed choices. Explore advance planning techniques that honor individual preferences and maintain dignity throughout the journey. Join us to unlock the keys to providing support and comfort to loved ones in hospice and palliative care.


June 26: Acceptance and Healing: Navigating Grief, Bereavement, and Compassion. In this session on grief and bereavement, embark on a profound journey of healing as we explore understanding, navigating, and supporting yourself and your loved ones through the complexities of loss and compassionate end-of-life care. Discover the art of providing comfort, dignity, and support during the final stages of life. Learn effective communication techniques, symptom management strategies, and holistic approaches to ensure a peaceful transition for everyone involved.


July 2: Balancing Act: Legal, Ethical, and Self-Care Considerations. Explore the crucial balance of legal and ethical considerations, including the rights of the dying. We’ll cover health care power of attorney, advance directives, living wills, and DNRs. Understand ethical dilemmas sometimes faced in end-of-life decisions, and how to face them with integrity and compassion. Learn practical strategies for managing stress, fostering resilience, and prioritizing your own well-being to prevent caregiver burnout. Join us to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed for providing compassionate, sustainable care, while safeguarding your own health and well-being.

This program for members will be held in person in the Levy Senior Center Library at 2:00 pm. All sessions are filled.

About Shay Springer: Shay's greatest passion is dedicated to guiding individuals through a profound journey of holistic rejuvenation and healing as they approach the end of life. With expertise as a spiritualist, she goes beyond traditional boundaries to offer education, coaching, training, and holistic well-being for the mind, body, and spirit, contributing to spiritual growth and development.


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