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Thank You for Your Support!

The generosity of sponsors and donors allows the Levy Senior Center to continue its growth in the community. Programs like the Fran Randall Concert Series and Levy Lecture Series are made possible through donations from people like you and local businesses.


The Foundation is grateful for each donation of every amount. With your continued support, the Levy Senior Center will remain one of the ‘crown jewels’ of  Evanston for many years to come.

This represents a list of donors to the Levy Senior Center Foundation in 2018. We apologize for any typographical errors or omissions. Please feel free to contact us for corrections.

2018 Individual Donors

Charlotte Abarbanell
Ronald Albiani
Athena Ames
Nan Anderson
Helen Angel
Virginia Ayers
Barbara Ellson & Frank Baldwin

Vilma Bell
Joan Berke
Carol Bild
Frima Blumenthal
Donna Boss
Norma and Lee Braude
Bridget Brechling
Mary Brown
Sandra and Charles Brown
Maureen and Michael Browne

Muriel Brunger
Barbara Bunn
Judith Butler
Bonnie and Chip Carpenter
Shu Chen
Peggy and Daryl Chicoine
Lisa Cohen
Rochelle and Christopher Corso

Joyce Crane
Louise Cromer
Leonie and Clinton Cunningham

Judy Curtis
Reva and Morton Denlow
Arthur Diers
Teryl and James Dintaman
Eva Eisenstein

Carol and Howard Ellegant
Judy Aiello and Maurice Fantus

Jessica Feldman
Susan and Martin Fine
John Fish
Linda Floreani
Rosetta Floreani

Gerald Freedman
Linda Gardner
Don Garfield
Douglas Gaynor
Lisa Gendel
Michal and Craig Golden
Georgean Goldenberg
Robert Gordon
Elaine Richters & Stuart Greenblatt Niebes Guerrero
Lydia and Dorrance Halverson

Tom Patterson
Vicky and Michael Perlman

Jane and John Peterson

Helene Zimmerman & Steven Plotkin
Dennis Randall
Vincent Ransom
Polly and Ken Rattner
Victor Rauschel
Patricia and Robert Reece
Sue Robert
Mary and Philip Roden
Mary Lu and Kenneth Roffe

Helga and Robert Rothweiler

Patty and Alan Rubin
Toshi Sakata
Mary and Steve Samson
Ivy Samuels
Judy and David Schiffman

Judy and Howard Schneider
Susan Schwarzlose
Judith and Bruce Segal
Evelyn Siegel
Harriet Simon
Mary Singh
Geraldine Sizemore
Eleanor and Louis Skydell

Renate and Charles Staley

Margo Stern
Ann Stevens
Joyce and Richard Talsky

Careen Taylor
Dana Teeter
Lene and Michael Thomas

Elizabeth Tisdahl
Junko Tobin
Maureen and Dan Toomey
Jan and Bruce Tranen
Christina and Rocco Tucci

Bonita and David Turner
Linda Valenti
Jane and Victor Walchirk

Leslie Walsh
Sue and Scott Walton
Sandra Wascher
Karen and Richard Weiland

Judy Wilen
Mary Wilkerson
Leslie Wilson
Diane Yost
Marianne and Ted Zelewsky

Lydia and Fransisco Zoleta

Ivanhoe Harriott

Sheila and Peter Hebein
Barbara Hirami
Mary and Mark Hoffman
Cheryl Holm
Laurie Howick
Bernadette Jahns
Linda and Vinson Johnson
Susan and Gary Johnson
Amanda Jones
Cynthia Jones
Geraldine Joy
Rhoda and Michael Kamin
Susan Kamp
Lynn and Al Keefer
Patricia and Walter Kelly
Kanta Khipple
Barbara King
Ronald Kipnis
Eila Koltun
Jill Korshak
James Kratz
Barbara Kreml
Wendi Kromash
Rose Kurland
Gail and Macreay Landy
Judi Lapinsohn
Teddy and Andy Leonard
Barry Levin

Roslyn Levinson
Cindy Levitt
Carole and Joe Levy
Melvin Lindberg
Rima and Bob Lockwood

Katie Malone
Louise Mason
Carol McConnell
Jean McCulloch
Evie McEwan
Patrick McLoughlin
Ann and Tom McMahon

Howard Mead

Barbara Miklos
Luann and Glenn Minarcik

Jessica and Alex Muralles
Miles Neff
Kate and Steve Newman
Judy Newton
Abel Ogamba
Kyosik Oh

Jean Parikh

2018 Business Donors

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 8.56.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 8.54.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 8.56.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 8.54.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 8.53.19 PM.png
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