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Heaven Can Wait Membership Program

The Foundation is proud to sponsor Heaven Can Wait, a program that provides free annual Levy Senior Center memberships to community members age 90 and older.

The Heaven Can Wait program is designed to honor our most experienced community members.

Evanston seniors age 90 and older receive free annual Levy Senior Center memberships. That means you get all of the perks and discounts included in being a member at no cost!

The Levy Senior Center Foundation underwrites the Levy Senior Center annual membership fees for program participants age 90 and older. To qualify, registrants need to show an official ID with proof of date of birth when registering at the Levy Senior Center.

Levy Senior Center memberships are $34 for residents living in postal codes 60201 and 60201, and $54 for non-residents of Evanston. You can register for an annual membership by visiting the Levy Senior Center front desk. If you have any questions, give the center a call at (847) 448-8250 or email

You can help fund programs like Heaven Can Wait by donating to the Levy Senior Center Foundation. Contributions are accepted online, by mail, and in person. Visit our Donate page to contribute directly on our website – it’s safe, easy, and quick.

The Levy Senior Center Foundation is immensely grateful for donations of any kind. Thank you for supporting Evanston seniors and providing the funds necessary to foster enriching experiences.


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