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Stay Connected with Evanston Life

Evanston Life magazine

Pick up the current issue of "Evanston Life" magazine in the Levy Senior Center lobby or view it online here.

Evanston Life is a seasonal magazine sharing crucial community information. The City of Evanston is dedicated to providing programs, events and services to community members. You can read about and register for upcoming programs in the Evanston Life magazine.

Don't forget to check out the 2018 Summer Camp schedule! As the school year winds to a close, you can sign your student up for countless activities to keep their bodies & brains in shape over the summer months.

Did you know? The Levy Senior Center primarily serves seniors in Evanston, but the Center is home to a plethora of programs for community members of all ages. You can help cover the costs of maintenance and improvements at the Levy Senior Center by donating to the Levy Senior Center Foundation. Thanks for your support!


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