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Dementia Resource Center Offers Information and Activities

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Dementia can be an isolating illness, not only for those suffering from it but also for the care partners who help them on their journey. To meet the needs of the growing numbers of Evanston residents affected by dementia, the Evanston Public Library has launched a new Dementia Resource Center that provides information, education, and activities. Patrons will find books on the subject of Alzheimer’s and dementia. These books are marked with a purple dot to identify them and can be borrowed like other library books. New materials will be added regularly. The Dementia Resource Center is housed next to the Falcon Room on the third floor of the Main Library. 

In addition, the Resource Center has take-home activity kits that can be checked out for a month at a time. These kits contain puzzles, games, and other mind and memory activities that encourage people on the different phases of the memory loss spectrum to interact with their care partners and others in their circle. The Library encourages feedback on how these activities work for those who borrow them. Presently, the activity kits are available only to Evanston residents.

Some of the take home games and activities at the Dementia Resource Center located at the Main Library.

For more information about the Dementia Resource Center and the Memory Café, contact Jill Skwerski, Engagement Services Manager at or call her at 847-448-8664.



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